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7 Inexpensive Craft Ideas for Kids

  1. Monster Rocks by Yesterday on Tuesday
For this activity you can have your kids go to the backyard and look for rocks and paint them. My kids always have fun doing this activity.

2. Paper Beads by Mini Eco

3. Paper Tube Rainmaker by Happiness in Homemade

This rainmaker was a hit in our home. It was so much fun to make and the kids couldn’t stop playing with it.

4. Milk Jug Ball Catcher by Lakeshore learning

My kids loves playing with this catcher. It keeps them busy for hours.

5. Milk Jug Watering Can by The Spruce Jug

This is one of my kids all time favorite DIY project. In the Spring and Summer my kids look forward to watering the plants everyday. Because of them I never miss a day of watering my plants.

6. DIY Marble Run from Toilet Rolls by Powerful Mothering

My kids made the DIY marble run last week and they love it. Today, my oldest decided to make a town with the left over toilet paper and paper towels rolls. He called it Town of Max. He made a tunnel, a road, a tree, and buildings out of the rolls. Then drew Trader Joe’s and a parking lot. He was so proud of his master piece.

7. Kids Craft: 4th of July Rockets via Happiness is homemade

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