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    CDC Recommendations for Hand Sanitizer

    So many of you are have been messaging me and asking the same questions around the New Life Hand Sanitizer alcohol percentage! As previously mentioned on my other post I purchased the hand sanitizer from fivebelow.com. They tend to restock on their hand sanitizers every morning between 8:00am to 9:00am cst. They seem to sell out fairly quickly so if you need hand sanitizer you have to purchase quickly. The hand sanitizer from has 70% Ethanol, as per the CDC recommendations the alcohol content meets the requirements. See below CDC recommendations!! CDC recommends the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol as the preferred…

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    Hand Sanitizers

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been very difficult to find hand sanitizers. Thankfully, I got my hand sanitizers delivered a couple days ago. The New life brand is from Five Below. Be sure to check their site as much as you can because they restock their hand sanitizers daily. Right now they have dial antibacterial soap available! The Germ-x is from Amazon. Also, check amazon daily as they restocked daily. These hand sanitizers were shared on my page but unfortunately the go out of stock very quickly. I recommend turning on post notifications for my page if you don’t want to miss out on getting hand sanitizers. Since…

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    Waiting Period

    According to many sources the coronavirus can live on surfaces for a few hours to several days. As a result, when our packages are delivered we wait about 3 days before we open our packages I am so excited my 3 day waiting period is over. Now I can open these packages outside. As I mentioned yesterday, I know I have a problem and I need to stop shopping but these deals are just too good! Lol!Boy I wish I had Lysol spray and disposable gloves. My hubby took most of the supplies to work (hospital) and I donated stuff to other places! Does your porch, garage, or designated place…

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    Price Gouging

    Let’s talk about price gouging. Believe it or not I paid $60 for this bag of rice. I went from paying under $20 for a bag of jasmine rice on Amazon to $60. Don’t get me wrong I stocked up on rice, but the problem is my son is such a picky eater due to sensory issues and eats rice twice a day (every single day🤨). So desperate times call for desperate measures. Oh by the way, the seller has been reported for price gouging but nothing was done!

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    Can’t stop Shopping

    Omg can someone please take my debit card away. I can’t stop shopping. There’s way too many good deals out there. This is nothing I have about 10 more packages outside. Due to Coronavirus, we leave our packages outside for 3 days and I open all packages outside. Am I over the top? Its your call but it’s better to be safe than sorry! I recommend you do the same or if you decide to open your packages right away please discard the package right away, wash your hands, and disinfectant your door knob (anything you touched). P.s. I don’t have Lysol spray, I wish I did! I donated all…

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    Clorox Wipes

    I never thought in a millions years I would be so excited to see Clorox wipes. Due to the coronavirus it is impossible to find Lysol or Clorox wipes in store or online. When I opened the package from Walmart and saw the wipes I literally screamed. I ordered these 3 weeks ago and I also posted the deal on my deals page when it was live. Did anybody else get any shipments they purchase from my site yet? I don’t personally need these so I will be donating them to my local hospital since most hospitals and clinics are experiencing a shortage of supplies.

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    Apraxia and Horse Therapy

    If you’ve been following me for awhile now you’ll know that my son has Apraxia and sensory processing disorder, that my hubby is a frontline worker, and we live in country. For the past few weeks my son has been having nightmares and severe anxiety because he’s afraid daddy is gonna catch the germs and get sick. The only thing that has been able to calm him down is our horse. We bought the horse last year to help with his sensory processing disorder and it has helped tremendously with his postural control, communication, and overall sensor input. Curious has anybody tried Horse therapy for their kids with special needs?…